Buffalo Chamber Players

Ensemble-in-Residence at the Albright-Knox Art Gallery



Thanks to your support, we now have a fully restored harpsichord! While we had a campaign goal of $4,800 for the restoration of the instrument, we have received donations in excess of $15,000, with more donations still arriving in the mail! The additional money raised will go towards funding performances throughout the community as well as ongoing maintenance of the instrument.

We are working to schedule the various campaign rewards, including the instrument's debut recital, and we will be in touch soon with dates.

Thank you to everyone that helped make this project possible!


(Sponsored key in parentheses. We are happy to help you locate your key at our next performance, should you need assistance!)

Cindy Abbot Letro (C6)
Morton and Natalie Abramson (D♯6)
Rommel Alminate
Ansie Baird (B1)
Matthew and Kathleen Bassett (B4)
Steven Biltekoff
Michael Bonilla (B3)
Kathleen Boone (F3)
Elizabeth Brandjes (B♭5)
Deborah Buckley (B2)
Janz Castelo
Paul F. Catalano (G♯3)
Mark Chason and Mariana Chason (C4)
Sandra Cookson (C2)
Harold G Corwin (G2)
Mark Criden (D♯3)
Paul Curtin
Adrian Dedecker III (D3)
Kelly Delp (G6)
Margaret S. Dick (B♭2)
JoAnn Falletta and Robert Alemany (A4)
Edward N. Giannino (C♯5)
Francine Giumento (G♯5)
Edmond Gnekow
Sheryl Hadeka (F4)
Katka Hammond (C♯4)
Daniel Hart (G♯2)
David Herer (D♯2)
Linda Johnson (F♯2)
Anthony Keller
John and Carole Kociela (E4)
Niscah Koessler (A5)
Temi Kucinski (B♭3)
Joel Levin (D6)
Joe Lin-Hill (D♯5)
Florine Luhr (G♯4)
William and Linda Maggio (B5)
Timothy H Mahiques (E3)
Caroline Mallonée Huebner
Elizabeth and Theodore Marks (E2)
Anne M. Meilhede (A2)
Lynnette Mende and Peter Siedlecki (G3)
Monica Neuwirt and Dale Anderson (D2)
Nellie Nones (F♯4)
Philip Nones (G4)
Daniel Pendley
Dennis A. Pines (D5)
Annette Potenza
Dennis Quinn (F♯5)
Virginia Quinn (G5)
Abigail Rockwood Puehn (A1)
Thomas Rycombel (B♭1)
Karen Schneider and Larry Goldstein (D♯4)
Timothy Schuman (C5)
Loren Silvertrust
Joan and Roger Simon (B♭4)
Peter Smith (E6)
Monica and Stephen Spaulding (F5)
Phyllis Spears (A3)
Robert M. States (C♯6)
Paul Stysley
Suzanne Taub (E5)
Susan and David Udin (F♯3)
Vincent Villalobos (C♯2)
Jessica Viola (C3)
Melissa Weiksnar (C♯3)
Max A Wickert (D4)